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FO: Paper Moon Socks

I’ve been on a finishing kick lately, churning out the knits like crazy! I just haven’t been as good at blogging about those finished knits. First up in the queue, my Paper Moon Socks, designed by AnneLena Mattison last year for Knitty. I cast on for the first sock in […]

New pattern!

I had hoped to come to you today with photos and discussion of a finished blanket (today being my “half-birthday”, my blanket being a birthday present to myself, there’s the connection), but lately, it’s been entirely too hot in my apartment to work on the blanket, so it’s not done. […]

Things we are not discussing

1. We are not discussing how many times it took me to knit and then re-knit the toe of this sock. 2. We are not discussing the numerous modifications I made and how I didn’t write any of them down so I can absolutely repeat them on the second sock. […]

A debut.

You all know that I knit socks, right? Like, a lot of socks. More socks than anyone living in Florida ever needed to knit. Yeah, that was me. Well all that crazy sock knitting has paid off in the form of my first published-in-print design: the Wasabi Peas Socks published […]

FO: Quill Lace Socks

I was on a finishing kick this weekend. I finished knitting and weaving in ends on my Owls sweater, and I finished my Quill Lace Socks (affectionately called “Walk Like a Zombie Socks”, in homage to the colorway and one of my favorite HorrorPops songs). The yarn is Fresh from […]

The new bane: stockinette!

Would it be weird for me to have the body of my Owls sweater in stockinette and do the sleeves in seed stitch or something? Because DEAR LORD, I’m hating stockinette right now. I almost want to purl. And I hate purling. Obviously, having already started on one of the […]

In with the new

Happy New Year, everyone! Aside from the travails of traveling, I had an excellent holiday with my family. I hope you had a wonderful time doing whatever makes you happy for the holidays. Of course, the best part about making Christmas gifts for people is showing them off after you’ve […]

Settling in

I am settling into my parents’ house in Florida (where it is most annoyingly in the 70s; Colorado’s been hit with yet another snow storm, so I gave up my White Christmas afterall). The journey here was incredibly annoying though not nearly as bad as it could have been. My […]

Secret knitting revealed!

Okay so it’s not really “secret” knitting. Remember the Hedera I knit a few months ago? I mentioned that I didn’t model them on my feet, as usual, because they were going to someone else. That someone else just happens to be the brilliant mastermind herself, Cookie A. as a […]

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