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sweater odyssey

Sweaterday: One down, four more to go

Vivian is DONE. Done done done. Aside from the zipper. But she’s currently finishing drying after her dip in the woolwash yesterday morning, so I’m calling her done. Hopefully soon I’ll have quality finished object photos and I can talk about her in detail. The new hotness (yes, I said […]

Sweaterday: The Home Stretch

Miss Vivian, as I have taken to calling my sweater (in my head, that is; this is the first time I’ve referred to her as such “out loud”), is very nearly complete… ish. Both sleeves are done, and last night I joined them with the body and started working on […]

Sweaterday: La Vivian

Things just sound better with a foreign language article placed in front of them, don’t they? Maybe that’s just me. So, I did begin my Vivian, and I’ve made it 40 rows so far. This is more exciting to photograph, it just requires me remembering to photograph it and talk […]

FO: Owls sweater

So yeah. On Sweaterday (Saturday), I got busy and lost track of time and didn’t post. Rinse repeat for Sunday and Monday. Aaaaand I don’t have any new pictures either. But I figured I should probably go ahead and just post my modifications and whatnot so we can all move […]

Sweaterday: Almost there!

WordPress has some nifty features. This information will come into play later, I promise. I’m so close to finishing my Owls sweater. This morning I finished up the owl, yoke, and neckband and then wove in all my ends and blocked it! Well, it’s blocking now, so these photos are […]

The new bane: stockinette!

Would it be weird for me to have the body of my Owls sweater in stockinette and do the sleeves in seed stitch or something? Because DEAR LORD, I’m hating stockinette right now. I almost want to purl. And I hate purling. Obviously, having already started on one of the […]

In with the new

Happy New Year, everyone! Aside from the travails of traveling, I had an excellent holiday with my family. I hope you had a wonderful time doing whatever makes you happy for the holidays. Of course, the best part about making Christmas gifts for people is showing them off after you’ve […]

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