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Progress shot

One project on the blocking boards, stretching out and hopefully drying out soon so I can weave in the ends and take some finished object pictures.


A little ball of Koigu sent to me by an incredibly generous and lovely woman on Ravelry. The color matches perfectly and I CAN FINISH THOSE BLASTED SOCKS.


My size 8 DPNs, which I had momentarily misplaced. Now I can finish my Sweet Honey Beret, which was getting too small for the circular needle it was on.

I could have 3 finished objects this week, if I bust my butt on the socks.

Edit: Well, scratch that on the hat. I lost a handful of stitches while transferring to the DPNs, so I’m going to rip out and start over (it’s a quick knit). Argh.

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