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Sweaterday, with a little bit of cheating on the side

Too long

You’ll have to forgive the crappy webcam photo, but I could not get any timed self-portraits to really work. I need to enlist a friend who’s not afraid of my camera to help me out with real Finished Object photos. I just sewed in the zipper this morning, and that was less stressful than I thought it might be. Please note, my sleeves came out WAY too long. I have ideas for how I could have fixed this, but I’ll save that for my overall “debriefing” of this sweater.

This week, when I wasn’t working on Petrie (the back is finished, the front is almost half-way done!), I was indulging in my other new crafty pursuit, weaving.

Weaving project!

This is my second project! I haven’t washed and dried my first project, and there are no photos of it, but I wanted to have something to show for my quietness this week. The warp yarn is a brown cotton I picked up… somewhere. The weft is the remnants of my Fresh from the Cauldron Debbie Pelt, which I used for my Ishbel. If my calculations are correct, I should be able to get a skinny scarf out of these remnants.

I’ve got a lot of “non-public” projects that need my attention, but hopefully I’ll still be able to weave, and knit Petrie, and take real pictures of Vivian this week!

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  1. Beautiful! Have you seen my Mum’s weave blog yet? She *loves* to help new weavers, if you ever needed any help just drop her a line I know she’d love it:

    The fact that I didn’t take to weaving when I was younger was a sad thing for her I think. But I’m redeeming myself in the spinning department 😛

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