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FO: Birthday blanket

Just in time for 90 degree weather, I finished crocheting a wool blanket!

Birthday blanket, complete

Timing. I has it.

I was fully expecting to get sidetracked, somewhere between starting to crochet the blocks and actually finishing the piece. But starting on this coincided with a moment in time when I was really, really sick of knitting, so I just churned out the thirty squares, one after another.

Birthday blanket, complete

And then I thought “Well, clearly I won’t have the motivation to finish the whole blanket, what with having to stitch them all together and what not.” Apparently I just don’t know myself well at all. I went on a grand finishing kick, and had a plan in mind to finish this blanket and my Print o the Wave stole before I leave for vacation (that would be tomorrow), and, well, the blanket is finished.

Birthday blanket, complete

(I ran out of yarn on the stole, so I’m trying to either find a bit more to finish it—which is so, so sadly unlikely—or will resort to a stash yarn that sort of blends in with the rest of the yarn.) Some of you may remember how I had to bribe the cat to pose on the blanket I made for my mom. This blanket? Required no bribery. In fact, we had to have words when it was time for her to get off the blanket so I could put it away (see above, re: 90 degrees).

Birthday blanket, complete

So, details for those of you wanting to know more. The yarn is my go-to yarn, Cascade 220. I ordered the yarn about a year ago, and I think my inspiration was a sunset over the Rockies, in honor of my new location. There’s a wonderful array of colors that shift and change during the magical dusky hour, and these colors sort of remind me of that time period. I used blocks from Jan Eaton’s 200 Crochet Blocks; specifically, Tricolor Square, Wisteria, Granny in the Middle, Chocolate Box, and Centered Square. I did not plan ahead to think about how these squares would all have different numbers of stitches along the borders, so they don’t all line up very well, but I think I made it work just fine. The finished dimensions are about 52″ by 43″, so it’s smaller than a true afghan, but it’s still a good size and will keep me cozy when the winter comes back.

Crocheted edging

I finished off most of the yarn (there’s still a smidgen of the grey) by working what in knitting would be something like a slip-stitch, but I don’t know what it might be called in crochet. My friend Jacinta mentioned it to me when I was pondering finishes for my mom’s blanket; it’s a simple sc, ch 1, sc around, and then repeat on the next row, crocheting singly into the chain stitch below. So there you have it!

In other news, I leave tomorrow for about a week and a half of vacation, and I’m taking FOUR projects. But I have long flights, and some acting as passenger in my future, so I don’t think that’s overkill. I may also be delusional.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful blanket! I really enjoy the colours you’ve chosen. The thought of knitting a blanket right now makes me cringe, but then I consider how nice it would be to have one already finished and ready for winter and I start to get the bug to cast one on.

    1. Thanks Carrie! Working on this blanket these last few weeks was sort of torturous, given how hot it was, so I suggest finding a nice, air-conditioned room if you plan to work on one. 😀

  2. It’s so amazing! I can’t wait to see it in person someday!

    I turn 30 in just over three years…if you start now, you should have way plenty of time to make one for me. 😉

  3. OMG it’s so gorgeous! I love the colors and mix of shapes!

    (And I don’t think a summer blanket is weird at all – LOL – I was just cuddling with mine the other day!)

    1. Wow, I broke out in sweats just thinking about working on this blanket. It is safely tucked away in the closet for the next couple of months! 😀

  4. love the blanket! the colours will definitely brighten up those dreary winter days and your model really knows how to work it for the camera! ♥

  5. Dood, that is AWESOME! The colors are gorgeous and I’m with the cat, I’d have trouble putting it away. Have so much fun on your trip! Take lotsa pics!!

    1. Thanks! I’m obsessively watching the weather and seeing that the numbers are slooooowly getting lower, which makes me more excited for this blanket. 😀

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