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Friday Finds

All right, I lied. There’s an abbreviated Friday Finds for this week, courtesy of people sharing their creativity right before the holidays. 😀 There likely won’t be a Friday Finds next week, as I will be enjoying family time. I do have a post or two in the pipeline, though, so it won’t be all quiet on the knitting front.

If you’re celebrating Christmas, I hope you have a wonderful holiday. If you’re not, I hope your weekend is pretty splendid, too.

  • Still trying to figure out how to wrap your hand-made gifts? Take a cute from Etsy’s How-To Tuesday and add a little crafty flair to the packages.

  • Berroco is adding a new weight to their Vintage line: Vintage DK joins Vintage and Vintage Chunky. And to celebrate, the incredibly talented Cirilia Rose has a new pattern booklet!

  • And in more awesome new pattern news, you can now pre-order Ysolda’s “Little Red” collection. The preview images show lots of fantastic pullovers and cardigans.
  • These owl appliqués are an adorable marriage of yarn crafting and sewing; sweet fabric and simple crochet combine to make fabulous appliqués to adorn a wide variety of objects. Whip some up as a cute adornment to a plain t-shirt; hot glue one to a hair band; use as a sweet gift tag for future gift-giving opportunities!

  • Your moment of zen: Larch by Amy Christoffers

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