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Friday Finds

Happy first Friday of the new year!

  • 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit, and Betsy Farquhar has whipped up an amazing (and free!) hat pattern celebrating the new year in Chinese astrology.
  • These adorable Mörkö mittens are too cute for words, and FREE to boot. They remind me of a t-shirt that I have.

  • Enjoy reading books with a knitting bent? Heights librarian Jo Ann Vicarel has compiled a list of books with knitting themes. Some of them are very recent, following in the trend of knit lit (Friday Night Knit Club, How to Knit a Love Song, the Maggie Sefton kniting mysteries) while others are more traditional literature which have mention of knitting (Virginia Woolf’s Jacob’s Room, for instance). This is a great starting point of reference list for the literary knitter in your life (or yourself!).
  • The brilliant Allyson at Sweatshop of Love (yeah, I might have a little knitter’s crush on her) is now posting video tutorials of various knitting techniques. First up is the one that every beginning knitter needs to know: slip knots. Try not to pass out from the cuteness. Or the education!
  • My friend Maria of Subway Knits has started a podcast! I’ve been having technical difficulties and haven’t yet been able to listen (sorry Maria, I tried again last night and it wouldn’t work on my phone; I’m working on it), but if you give it a listen, let me (and Maria) know what you think!

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    1. It is in Finnish, but I think you could figure it out. Just a quick glance at it tells me you cast on 60 stitches, and 31 stitches are used for one part (likely the back of the hand with the snow monster) and 29 stitches are used for the other part. You could also just plug the charts onto a very basic mitten pattern. 😀

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