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FO: The Scent of Lavender

The month isn’t half over and I am DONE DONE DONE with May’s socks.

Scent of Lavender Socks

Yeehaw! I’m super excited to have finished a pair early, and to not have to rush at the end of the month to finish the socks.

Stephanie van der Linden’s pattern is well-written and very straightforward. The charts did trip me up a little bit, because I’m a numbskull and didn’t use any way of tracking my chart reading, but I managed to get it to work out in the end.

Scent of Lavender Socks

And I love the yarn, Yarn Love’s Elizabeth Bennet base in the “Awakening Earth” colorway. Unfortunately, it has a weird thing going on, where on the needles, or just not on my feet, the pattern and colorway look lovely together. On the feet, however, the pattern gets a little bit lost in the color. However, this really doesn’t bother me much, as I figure the socks will mostly be in shoes. Also, I’m glad I knit the smaller size and knit the foot a bit short, as this yarn is a wool, silk, and bamboo blend, and is going to stretch out like crazy—the legs are already a little bit saggy, just from trying on the socks a couple of times in progress.

Overall, though I’m super pleased with this pair of socks, and think they’ll be great for warm summer days.

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    1. Thanks!! I do love the color of the yarn, I just feel that the pattern gets a little obscured. Not going to stop me from wearing them! 🙂

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