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Friday Finds

  • Lacie Lynnae’s Bernadette Lace Blouse ($6) is a wonderfully comfy-looking pullover, perfect for these (hopefully) last days of summer. Simple dolman construction with interesting knitting? Perfect.

  • I just love the architectural styles evoked in Holly Chayes’s Tumbling Deco shawl ($6). This beautiful circular-ish shawl is worked in laceweight and would be a great addition to my, I mean, your shawl collection.

  • The Grellow Cardigan ($8.50) by Amy Gunderson is AMAZING. Colorwork, tailoring, grellow, oh my!

  • I want at least Octopusses ($5) from Jill Watt. Discuss amongst yourselves how best to hook a knitter up.

  • Sarah Jeong’s Leicester Cowl ($4.00) is a lovely, simple cowl that would look fantastic in a crisp handspun yarn or a long-repeating colorway.

  • Love knit graffiti? Check out the German edition of Knit the City with its squidtastic cover.

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