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Month in Review: August

Oh August. I will not be sad to see you go. This was a busy, busy month, and I’m exhausted as I write this. I feel like I’m losing my mind—I set my reusable grocery bag down in the grocery store the other day; the guy at the check-out counter remembered seeing it in the bulk section, after he saw me do a little turn in the middle of an aisle looking like I was completely lost. Thankfully it’s a small grocery store and people notice these things. I’m so burnt out and there’s not an immediate end in sight. But the apartment is coming together, and if I’m lucky, I’ll have most of it in a state of doneness by my housewarming party that I can just live with the rest of it or tink away at it at leisure.

The state of my knitting is a reflection of the state of my mind. I’m fending off starteritis like crazy! I have yarn pulled together for projects—a baby jacket, another baby knit, my French Press Felted Slippers, a Bergen Street Cardigan, etc. I’m working on finishing up the scarf for a friend, first, and then knitting a couple of things for a wee little almost-one-year old, and then a something something for a swap partner…

August, however, saw only one shawl (Whippoorwill)…

…and sort of a pair of socks.

Nemesis socks

There was yarn buying: the Malabrigo Sock in Ravelry Red that I almost immediately wound and cast on for a current project, the Sweet Georgia ToughLove in Ginger and Tri’Coterie’s DK in Ravenclaw have projects assigned but not yet knit. There was yarn swapping, too, and I’ve been too busy or too scatterbrained to remember to photograph the beautiful skein the lovely Jacinta sent me.

Thankfully this weekend is a three day weekend. I have some plans: sand down and paint a table, process a box of peaches, make a big push in unpacking boxes and getting my craft room a bit more situated, maybe sewing the curtains for the kitchen. But I also plan to spend a good amount of time sitting around on my bum and maybe napping. Mmmmm napping.

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  1. napping sounds like a good plan. Good grief, woman, I got tired just reading what all you’ve been up to this past month lol *hugs*. Take a well-earned rest 🙂

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