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Sweaterday is back!

Yes, I’m giving myself a goal of posting every Saturday to showcase my progress on Chambourcin. I worked up a swatch last weekend and got gauge, at least on my swatch.


After taking Ysolda’s class last weekend, I decided that I needed to take serious measurements of myself before digging into the real knitting. And am I so glad I did. For starters, what I thought was my bust measurement was very much not. And then, because I carry most of my weight in my front, I would have ended with a sweater that was perhaps too big in the back and not big enough in the front.

So what I’m doing is I’m knitting the back at the 42½” numbers, while using the length measurements for the 46¼” size, and I’ll knit the front to the 46¼” numbers. I’ve never really done this before, so hopefully it will work out and I’ll have a sweater that fits at the end.

I started knitting the back this week, and I’ve made some good progress. Here’s about 7½” of progress.


Of course, the monster had to supervise my work.


The back looks pretty so far! Here’s hoping the next 10″ or so goes fairly smoothly.


I’m not trying to finish this sweater in the month of November. Maybe another year I’ll go for the Knit A Sweater in November goal, but not this year.

Are you doing NaKniSweMo this year? How’s your progress going so far?

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