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Kickstart: Felicia Lo

I had the opportunity to meet one of my favorite yarn dyers on Saturday, and I’m glad I jumped on that opportunity! Felicia Lo of Sweet Georgia Yarns was in Colorado to tape a spinning video for Craftsy, and as two of the yarn shops in my town carry SGY (yes… I am spoiled for choice for a person who’s not allowed to buy yarn this year), she agreed to do a meet and greet at a local coffee shop.


Unfortunately my camera battery died on me after I snapped these few pictures, but Felicia is everything you’d probably imagine if you read her blog. Sweet, unassuming, and well-spoken, she spoke briefly about her process of dyeing yarn and fiber and gave away a few skeins of yarn and pattern combinations (and two braids of her Panda fiber—clearly I should have won that prize, as it’s called “Panda,” but I didn’t). She spent most of the time moving between the small groups and chatting, or standing near the beautiful samples she’d brought with her and telling attendees about each one in loving detail.


So far I’ve knit two projects with Sweet Georgia Yarns, my Chambourcin in her Tough Love Sock and the Baby Velociraptor Sweater in the Superwash Worsted base. I’ve got a few more skeins in my stash—I think they need some squishing.

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