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Project 365

Another edition of Project 365! I’m having trouble getting into the swing of this during this time of year. In the U.S., we switched daylight savings last weekend, so this week, it’s been pretty dark when I leave the office a little after 5. The sun technically isn’t setting that early, the sunlight just gets blocked by the mountains that much earlier than it used to. I need to make a point to leave the office while the sun is out to actually get photos, although I don’t really like the area around my office. It’s not a bad area, it’s just work-related, so …blech.

Day 4 — November 4 — Cookies

Day 5 – November 5 — 5 o’clock

Day 6 — November 6 — A favorite thing

Day 7 — November 7 — Apothecary Yarns’ “Aguamenti”

Day 8 — November 8 — Something you do every day

Day 9 — November 9 – My bedside table overfloweth

Day 10 — November 10 — Hot chocolate

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