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The best laid plans

Some days life just gets away from you. And not necessarily in a bad way. You have plans and things to do and then other things end up taking precedent.

This is happening with my crafting time right now. I’ve got a half-finished swatch for my Raindance that I need to finish, I just need to re-graft the arm of my I∂unn and that will be done, my Lilac Wine cowl and Calaveras Catrina hat are both finished and just need to be photographed (OH, but the state of my eyebrows—that is truly the one thing that stopped me from taking photos today; I have become a vain creature)… And I’ve got a work thing to do and general cleaning of the house and instead, I spent the weekend either building these or thinking about building these.

And I’m not sorry. Because regressing to my twelve-year old self and making these sets has made me happier and less stressed than I’ve felt in a while. Sometimes we just have to check out and throw off our obligations (and really, none of those things I mentioned before were obligations, they just sort of felt like things I had to do versus things I wanted to do). It seems like January, in general, is not a month where I get a lot of crafting done. Maybe that’s not true. I’ve knit quite a few things, finished some other things, I just don’t feel like talking about them over much. Maybe it’s coming off of posting every day in November and may days of December. Maybe it’s something else altogether and I can’t quite put my finger on it.

So this is part apology for not updating more about crafting and part “whatever, I HAVE LEGO DWARVES.” And you are all welcome to come over and play with them or knit or whatever.

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  1. The best is when my 12yo asks me to knit for his lego guys.
    Play. Play with yarn, play with lego, play music, play in the snow…. just play!

  2. I’m having these flashbacks to when I was a little kid and I wanted a certain toy and my mom would tell me that it was too expensive. Well, joke’s on you, Mom, I earn my own money now! I’ll spend $50 on Swedish candy if I want!

    Enjoy your Legos! Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise!

    1. My mom whole-heartedly endorsed my playing with LEGOs when I told her that’s what I did last weekend. At first she asked if I was babysitting and when I said no, she said something along the lines of “good for you.” Not the reaction I was expecting (I was expecting more bemusement than anything else).

  3. Yes! I regressed and de-stressed by colouring in my favourite colouring book, “Birds of North America”. I too was craft-avoiding. I decided de-stressing was mucho important last night. I love your legos! I think I need to pick myself up a bucket, for de-stressing purposes of course:)

    1. Sometimes you need to do something a little different! And you’ve just reminded me that I’ve got a Hello Kitty coloring book to play with.

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