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FO: Calavera Catrina

So let’s talk about bonnets.

I know. Bonnets. Accessories that generally went out of fashion around the turn of the previous century. But people. PEOPLE. Bonnets cover your ears.


This is not revolutionary. Sure there are earflap hats to cover the ears and they do a fantastic job, but I feel that, for me, they are misleading. They imply a certain outdoorsy-ness that I do not possess. I’m sure that’s my own association being projected here, but there you have it.

So when Teresa created the Calavera Catrina, I kind of fell instantly in love with the idea of keeping my ears warm while still being able to see (I have stretched one hat into a shape that allows me to keep my ears warm and my sight unobstructed, but this tends lead to a floppy hat that doesn’t really stay on my head).


I look a bit deranged in every photo I took of myself wearing this hat. I blame my hair—hat silhouettes can be made or broken by a hair style and mine was not cooperating this weekend. But I love everything about this bonnet. I ended up running out of yarn in the midst of making the small flower petals, but that’s my bad—poor yarn management and I knitted the bonnet a bit too deep—so I rearranged the petals to make three flowers.


And of course, the weather in Colorado has been such that the need to wear a jacket is sometimes in question, much less a hat, so I haven’t had an opportunity to wear my bonnet much. I managed to lose my favorite pair of mittens this weekend, so I’m generally okay with the warm weather, but it would be nice to be able to wear my bonnet.

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