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Sweaterday: Keeping On


Not a lot has changed since we last saw Raindance.

That’s not entirely true, it just looks as though not a lot has changed. See last week I was about halfway through the front yoke.

This week, I’m done with the front yoke, the left shoulder and back, the right shoulder, and I’m about halfway finished with the right back.


I could have finished the yoke for this over the last week, things have just been so busy I’m not getting as much crafting done as I would like. This weekend is also really busy, though tomorrow I’ll have dedicated crafting time, so I should be able to finish the back and maybe start working on the trims then.

I’m not sure I’m going to have enough of this Peacock (blue-green) yarn to do both the sleeve trims and the neck trim, so I’ve got to decide if I want to buy another skein of this color or just use more of the purple around the neck. Decisions, decisions.

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