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Month in Review: February 2013

This month came with a revelation—the more anxious I am about something, whether I completely acknowledge, feel, or experience said anxiety, the more productive I am in terms of knitting. (Cleaning, not so much.) I finished five projects this month, four of which were also cast on this month. IT’S THE SHORTEST MONTH OF THE YEAR. And there’s an excellent possibility I’ll finish a sixth project today. Three of those haven’t been photographed yet, sadly, so they haven’t really been blogged about either, though here’s a quick peek at one.
casu cowl
It’s the Casu Cowl. More on that hopefully next week!

I did finish and blog about my Raindance Sweater, which made me so super happy.

And my Puff Stitch Scarf. SO SQUISHY.

As part of my uber-productivity, I’ve also churned out quite a bit of yarn. More than 2,000 yards of yarn have been knit up in finishing these projects this month. Eight hundred yards of yarn have come into my house, but some of that was immediately worked on for one of the as-yet-unseen projects, and about 460 yards of that is my winning skein of Tangerine colored yarn from Knitty or Nice (and I also haven’t photographed that yet—I do eagerly await the longer days for photography purposes, even if it means disgustingly warmer temperatures—but it’s lovely).

So that’s my February in all it’s non-pictorial glory. How about yours? I can’t believe two months of this year have already gone by!

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