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Hello friendlies! We’re getting into the INSANE part of the year for me at work—yeah, the past few weeks have been relatively normal in terms of work load, so the “drama” combined with increased work means… I don’t know what it means. We’ll figure it out.

It does mean that while I had great plans to write up two posts this week about recently finished objects, every day I started a new post and every day nothing got written. I’m hoping to churn out some posts this week, especially since I have two new finished objects to show off (remember, stress knitting?). Meanwhile, my “oooh I want to knit that” list is growing by leaps and bounds, no thanks to the awesome patterns that are coming up on Ravelry of late. Here’s a handful of recent patterns that I think you’ll enjoy, too.

  • Jocelyn Tunney, Gradiente ($6). Pretty, simple statement piece in a delightful yarn.

  • Melanie Berg, Marelle (£3.90) Love the geometric shapes with the pop of color.

  • Caitlin ffrench, Dark Woods (free) I’m pretty sure Caitlin ffrench is a wood sprite stuck in modern society and designs knits that reflect her heritage. Or whatever it is that encourages her to design things like gorgeous shawls and big fluffy snood-cowls.

  • Jennifer Wood, Andover ($6) I have a weakness for cables, and I love Jennifer Wood’s placement and the way these stand out in the yarn. And yet, don’t knit them nearly enough. Why is that?

  • Linda Wilgus, Imladris ($3.50) Bright cheerful hat with a geeky name reference. Yep, love it.

  • Strata and Line, Leah B. Thibault and Bristol Ivy, Lamina ($6), Stripanan ($4), and Stria ($6, shown) This entire collection is beautiful. Crisp lines and beautiful use of yarn. Delicious.

  • Leah Goldstein, Persephone ($1.99) There’s a lot I find intriguing about this pattern—it’s almost mullet like (business up front, lacy party in the back) but the lace also resembles a skeleton, to me, in the way it’s shaped and it would make a great layering piece…

  • Janina Böttger, Vortex Cowl (free) Colorful stripey slipped stitches, what more could you want?

All project photos are taken from the individual Ravelry pattern pages unless otherwise noted. No copyright infringement intended.

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  1. I adore you, but you’re killing me! I immediately had to run off and buy the Gradiente pattern and spend $65 to have the appropriate yarn shipped to me after reading this post. I swear, I have to peek at your Friday Finds from between my fingers because I’m always so scared there’s going to be something I just have to buy/knit… And there always is 🙂

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