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FO Parade: Oscilloscope Shawl and Casu Cowl

I am writing this before 7 in the morning, so bear with me on any mistakes, errors or confusion caused by omission, or the like. Because I’m actually awake and thinking about blogging and not being distracted by the million things on my work to-do list, so this is when the blogging is happening.

I’ve finished quite a few projects lately and have them photographed—right now I just lack the time and energy to put words to the “page” to show them off. So I’m lumping things together in a few posts and hopefully will get through everything.

Why I feel a need to blog about every finished object, I have no idea, but there you have it.

First up, Kate Gagnon Osborn’s Oscilloscope Shawl from …some issue of Knitscene. I used the discontinued Elsebeth Lavold Classic Al to knit this; I’d picked up four balls in this garnet color in a LYS closing sale. Everything about that last sentence is sad. But the shawl is delightful and lovely and so super fast to knit. I added an extra repeat of the main pattern to use up more of the yarn—as it’s written, this pattern would have barely dipped into the fourth ball, so I figured slightly bigger is better, right?


And then there’s the Casu Cowl by Galia Lael. I used handspun yarn for this, though not my handspun, because spinning and me just do not connect. I asked a friend to spin up the fiber that I’d bought, back when I thought “hey maybe I’ll spin yarn!” The fiber was dyed by Gherkin’s Bucket and I know nothing about fiber but the dye job is beautiful and I love the way the final yarn felt so I’m going to say it’s good stuff (her dyed yarns are amazing as well!). I modified this pattern by cutting the moss stitch portion in half, as I wasn’t sure there was enough yarn for the full pattern width to make a cowl that would go over my head.


What have you been knitting lately?

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