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What Knitting Patterns Really Mean

I’ve been thinking lately that some knitting patterns aren’t exactly accurate. Not to say that the designers and tech editors are wrong, just that there’s something missing.

For instance, when they say “Knit ribbing for two inches,” what that really means is “Knit ribbing through an episode and a half of Once Upon a Time.”

Well, if you insist…

Or “Work pattern until foot measures desired length” is simply code for “Work pattern until you’re five chapters in on the Kindle or until the battery dies.”

Maybe this is just me, but figuring out what knitting patterns really mean has added another layer of enjoyment to this thing called crafting.

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  1. You are very right! I often remember what I was watching when I put on something I’ve knitted. And sometimes a whole movie’s worth of knitting gets ripped out. That is always disappointing.

    More often than not I watch a TV series when knitting so I don’t have to keep deciding what to watch. So I have the 6 seasons of Law and Order shawl. The I ran out of Dr. Who so I started watching Murder She Wrote shawl. Perhaps the next large amount of knitting will have to be dedicated to Once Upon A Time.

    Thanks for sharing this fun post!

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