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Month in Review: March 2013

Shhh, I know it’s four days into April. This is the first time I’ve really had a chance to write up this post. I mean, it’s happening at 3:30 in the morning on April 4, thanks to (I suspect) some temporary medications I’m on for a relatively low-key, as far as these things go, health concern.

So, March. From a blogging standpoint, not terribly productive, and I’m sorry to say but April will probably follow suit. From a knitting standpoint, incredibly productive, with six (six!) hats knit in the whole month, absolutely none of which I posted about. My unblogged FOs go back into February still.

Here’s a quick, iPhone-photo rundown of the hats that I knit in late February and all of March.

First up, a hat inspired by the recent Captain Marvel graphic novels by Kelly Sue DeConnick. This hat is supposed to head across the ocean to Ireland one of these days, but it’s also supposed to go with a matching pair of fingerless mitts that I’ve got to design from scratch and there’s not a lot of brain power for that. The hat pattern is based on Nikol Lohr’s Carol Danvers’ Lucky Hat but I was having some issues with the pattern (I’m sure it’s operator error and brain wave malfunctions, as plenty of other people have knit from Nikol’s pattern with no problem) so I changed some things up and made it my own. I did use Nikol’s wonderful instructions for the side petals, and some of her numbers for parts of the pattern.

Then there’s my Manhattan, which I love and wear pretty frequently; my Etta, which has a screwed up cast-on (user error, not pattern error, tried to get fancy and use a tubular cast on and that was just bad); my Hinagiku hat using yarn my parents brought back from Norway for me (with so much yarn left over I think matching mittens need to happen some day); my Picholine hat, replete with pompom; Graham with it’s addictive broken rib stitch and another failed attempt at a tubular cast on—for being an uber-stretchy cast on, both attempts at it lately have yielded an unforgiving and slightly too small cast on edge and I’m too tired to figure out what I’m doing wrong; and finally, another Panda Bonnet, which still needs a dunking and proper stitching on of the pompoms and I should really do that soon.

I also finished my Oh Deer mittens which I love love love and are cozy warm and super soft and everyone should have a pair but you should all knit your own. Yes.

I did fall down and buy yarn, but some of it was therapy and some of it was congratulatory on surviving the month so I’m really okay with it.

I have plans for all of that yarn, and already cast on for a Wingspan with the pink and black Kauni and am loving the way it’s knitting up.

So that in a nutshell was my crafting in March. How did you do? Have any questions about any of the hats I knit? …need any hats? Apparently I only have one head.

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  1. So many hats! I have been planning to knit the Hinagiku hat too but I wasn’t sure what size needles to use. Was your yarn really a dk? I have some light fingering weight yarn I was planning to use but could maybe use it doubled? I forget now if that was the original plan. I remember I got the pattern and yarn out but when I looked at the needle sizes I was confused it has been sitting on a shelf ever since.

  2. So much pretty in this post! Those mittens may have inspired me to do some colorwork, but I don’t know where to find the time. I’ve also never really done it before, so I probably need enough time to pay attention.

    P.s. can you give the Holden KAL a shout-out? It’s going on now until Earth Day, April 22nd! Thanks!

  3. Oh man, I made Graham in an all-purpose dark brown wool with a really deep, hemmed brim…that thing is awesome. It was my constant companion from about October to February. Love the color of yours!

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