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FO: Gemini Tee

Look another finished thing! And I finished a pair of socks this week so there should be another FO post soon! Which is good news because there also needs to be a series of WIP posts so that I will freaking finish things and not just keep adding to the pile of in-progress knits.

But anyway, this is the Gemini pattern by Jane Richmond, from the Spring + Summer 2012 issue of Knitty. I was using up some Zitron Savanna I had in my stash and overall I like the tee but I wish I’d had another color lying around—the pale blue just doesn’t do it for me, I like crazy bright colors, you might have noticed.


Also, somewhere along the way, the fit of this tee just went crazy. I knit a size with negative ease, as per the notes on the pattern. I did not do a swatch, which is my own fault and I own that, so I don’t know if I should have knit an even smaller size, but I feel like there’s a lot of fabric just flouncing about on this tee, especially around the arms. But it’s okay, because the linen blend of the Savanna is super light.


I like the reversible factor of the pattern—wearing it with the lace panel in the front is cute, but so is wearing it with the stockinette section! I think I’m going to crochet an edging around the neckline to help it pull in a bit.


But I am happy with the project overall and have been wearing it while it’s still entirely too hot here.

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  1. I know what you mean about colors, though I’m just the opposite–if I’m gonna get wear out of it, it’d best be a neutral. My only exceptions are red and teal/green. But I won’t lie, that shade of blue suits you, and the drapiness just looks like another way of styling the project. It’s cute!

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