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FO: Bowties are Cool

While obviously not the “nerdiest” thing I’ve ever knit, these are the most recent nerdiest thing I’ve knit, and I delight in them.


The pattern is Bowties are Cool, a free sock knitting pattern by Mandie Harrington. The stitch pattern is delightfully easy to memorize and really very quick to knit, despite forgetting to work on them for weeks.


They slightly don’t match in the legs. It had been a long time since I knit a pair of socks—the last pair of socks I finished were blogged about in October—and the yarn seemed really thin (this is what you get for knitting with heavier yarns most of the year), so I thought I needed to cast on for the medium size. . . even though I know that I almost always end up knitting socks with 60 stitches. There is not enough deviance in that “rule” to explain why I thought I needed to knit the medium size.


So on the sock that was knit with 60 stitches, the yarn—Into the Whirled’s Pakokku Sock, colorway “Bigger on the Inside” (I told you these were nerdy)—striped perfectly. The other leg has a really fun pooling effect but I do love the stripey bits.

It’s not quite sock wearing weather yet here, but I’m excited to have new socks ready to bust out when the temperatures do get there.

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    1. Thanks! It’s one of those mugs that “changes” when there’s hot liquid inside–the TARDIS shifts from the street scene to space. šŸ˜€

  1. Cool! Just like the weather today. I’d say put them in a spaceship and send them over I will take good care of them as long as you wait for cooler temperatures ^__^

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