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WIP Wednesday

It has come to this. I have a stupid amount of WIPs and keep thinking “Oh I want to work on that other thing” and I need to STOP. I need to finish these things and crack on with a few other things and focus.

The facts are these.

Baby Cardigan #1
Most recently cast on project; super fast knit, just needs a couple of sleeves at the moment and then it will be done. There will also be two other baby cardigans done in a similar manner (borrowed the stitch counts from Debbie O’Neill’s Lace Motif Cardigan, but then I converted it to seamless and did a continuous edging and all over lace pattern and it’s really just the stitch counts because I didn’t want to do math). Stitch pattern comes from one of my Japanese stitch pattern books.


Alpine Frost Scarf
Cast on nearly a year ago (and still not the oldest WIP I technically have going, though I forgot to get a photo of that project). This was my “I can’t take knitting needles on a plane from Europe so I’ll bring a crochet project” project, and I’ve worked on it sporadically, but I just don’t find myself called to crochet that much, especially when it’s a project I really have to watch (read: I can’t read or watch new TV when I’m crocheting this). But progress has been made and this will just be one of those takes forever projects.


Null Hypothesis Scarf
Scarves make excellent projects to try out new techniques, such as double knitting. Choosing this scarf as a first ever double knitting project maybe borders on insanity but it’s a lot of fun. I’ve knit two of the seven charts and thankfully the charts are all different and flow into different chemistry-related scenes, so it’s not boringly repetitious. It is a lot of knitting, though, since you’re. . . double knitting, as in knitting every stitch on the chart twice.


Albers Pullover
This is one of those where I need this sweater and just haven’t had time to work on it. I had actually gotten farther on this but realized I had misread the pattern and so I ripped back and restarted and then put it down. I’ve gone completely crazy and I’m knitting this sweater in a yarn that’s so much heavier that even knitting the smallest size is probably going to yield a sweater that’s a little bit big but I don’t really care.


In the course of writing this post I remembered a few other projects that I didn’t photograph—a pair of socks I’m knitting for myself (that’s the longest WIP, and also the longest socks I’ve ever knit), a pair of socks for a friend (the first one is done, I just need to get back to the second), a half-finished swatch for another cardigan (this may have been the point I gave up on swatching for the year). In addition to the two other baby cardigans I want to churn out, there’s a shawl I want to knit for a KAL and a baby blanket I want to crochet and then I told my mom I would knit her a cardigan and that yarn arrived last night.


I had to talk her out of a black cardigan, because that would have made me want to shoot myself. At least this way I’ll be able to see what I’m knitting. And yes, I go for bright jewel tones, my mom likes her neutrals. I have this crazy idea that I can finish this before I see here again in a few weeks. I mean, history has shown that I can knit a cardigan pretty fast, but there’s also the above in-progress projects and that’s why I should probably be committed.

This also came in the box last night and I’m not sorry. There’s a fair isle sweater I’ve been wanting to knit, hiding somewhere in that combination of yarn colors.


So basically, I need another pair of arms, or some sort of endowment so I can quit my job and knit all these things.

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  1. Oh, this wip Wednesday thing is brilliant! I have so many wip’s sleeping in boxes I might not be able to put them in one post. In fact re-organizing my blog a few weeks ago I found a pair of stockings I started four years ago. I might steel this wip-post-thingy for my own blog if you don’t mind. I might even add that hypothesis scarf to the list, it’s so cool!

    1. Steal away, I’m sure I was inspired by many other bloggers looking to bring some accountability into their own lives. 😀 And the Null Hypothesis scarf is a lot of fun to knit, if slower than one might be expecting.

  2. Lovely WIPs, I especially like the double-knitted scarf. And getting a box of yarn in the mail can just make my week!

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