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WIP Wednesday

(I got back from my vacation late Tuesday and didn’t have a chance to photograph everything before Wednesday, so this is a day off.)

The facts are these.

Rosemary Cardigan
I made some serious business progress on this cardigan over the weekend. The body is knit, the left front is done, now I just have the back and right front to go before I can start on the sleeves. I’m going to knit them in the reverse of the instructions, so that I can take the sleeves with me (the instructions call for the sleeve stitches to be picked up and knit down from the shoulders, which I would balk at even if I didn’t plan on taking the sleeves on the go, because I hate manipulating all that fabric for the body—I think the weight pulls on the needles and distorts the stitches, which is my one beef with top-down seamless sweaters).

Dovetail Cowl
This probably shouldn’t be included in here, but I alluded to last week when I mentioned I was considering casting on something new to take with me. I did… and then I finished it. All it needs is the ends woven in and a light blocking.

Yep, I started and finished one project and made serious progress on that cardigan in a week. I was feeling it in my wrists Tuesday evening but I rested them a lot yesterday and today and they felt pretty good while I was working on my new on-the-go project that I started yesterday…

Glacerie Shawl
This is my current on-the-go project because shawls are small and this is for a KAL with a deadline and it will use up good portions of three skeins of yarn and I need to stash bust like whoa!

I also need to WIP bust like whoa and not start new projects. Hopefully I can keep up the good work on the cardigan and bust a serious move on this shawl and then get back to Null Hypothesis or Alpine Lace. Oi.

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