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WIP Wednesday

The facts are these.

Long Sands Cardigan
I did a thing. I bought airfare to get to New York for Rhinebeck. And then I decided I needed to try to knit a Rhinebeck sweater. I picked a cardigan by Amy Christoffers, called Long Sands. It calls for a super bulky yarn, I’m using a bulky yarn, and quite possibly not enough of it, but it wouldn’t really be a Rhinebeck sweater without a challenge, right? I cast on for this on Monday, finished the back yesterday, and am going to start on the fronts tonight.


Rosemary Cardigan
All of this is not to say that I haven’t made any progress anywhere else. I finished the body of the cardigan last week and started the sleeve, but it will be in hibernation for a little while as I bust out Long Sands.


I also made a good amount of progress on my Glacerie shawl! I’m about halfway through the stripy bits. I’m loving the way these colors look together.


How are your projects coming?

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  1. I did it 🙂 started my own wip Wednesday and it’s all your fault 😉 no thanks for the inspiration, although after I published I found even more stuff that could have been in the post..

    Your Rhinebeck sweater will be awesome, the color is amazing!

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