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WIP Wednesday

The facts are these.

Long Sands Cardigan
I FINISHED IT. Yes, I started a cardigan on Monday, September 30, and finished the knitting on Sunday, October 6. Because I’m a CRAZY PERSON. And because it’s bulky weight yarn and anything is possible with the power of bulky. No pictures of the finished, modeled cardigan yet, because I still had to seam up the sleeves and set in the second cap as of this photo, but I will be writing up about this soon—after I get some modeled shots at Rhinebeck.


I didn’t have a chance to work on my Rosemary Cardigan or my Glacerie shawl while I was being insane, but I suspect I can finish the Glacerie shawl over the weekend and also knock out at least one of the sleeves for Rosemary by next Wednesday.

That is if I don’t go to The Loopy Ewe and pick up three skeins of Cascade 220 and cast on for Julia Farwell-Clay’s Hiro in pullover form this week. I discovered I have eight skeins of 220 sitting in my stash (originally planned to be another cardigan, but I have a million cardigans and I’m not sure the original plan would have been that flattering on me anyway), so I just need three more. This knowledge is dangerous. Very dangerous.

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