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Rhinebeck Recap continued

Obviously I didn’t post this over the weekend—I was busy laying the smackdown on virtual people in Civilization and forgot to do a lot of things—but here it is, the follow up to my Rhinebeck adventure!

I am a little in shock that I managed to make it to Rhinebeck this year. The metaphorical journey to the actual journey was fraught with peril at every turn, so I could barely believe that the only snag was an hour and a half delay leaving Denver (and that came with complimentary Jack Daniels from the attendant who refused to take my drink coupon on account of the delay, so even that wasn’t too bad).

My plans for the weekend primarily involved friends and food, and that was a rousing success. I chatted with Amy Christoffers (I wore both my Long Sands—and now have some FO photos—and Maxfield during the weekend), Julia Farwell-Clay, Bristol Ivy, Thea Coleman, Margaux Hufnagel, Melissa Wehrle, and likely others that I can’t remember right now (sorry). I hung out with my New England pals Ashley, Lisa, Shelley, Shannon, Sarah, Maria, and Dana, as a well as a Teresa, Lois, and even Laura, a Colorado friend who flew out at the last minute.


I ate an almost embarrassing number of apple cider donuts, as well as the most delicious macaroni and cheese (made with Pecorino, and now I am spoiled for life). I had artichoke French and bought a container of maple cotton candy—so incredibly good.


I didn’t even come close to seeing everything at the festival—it’s pretty big and I didn’t really have a plan other than the aforementioned hanging out and eating—but what I did see was incredible. So many small farm yarns! So many phenomenal sweaters!


I’m really glad I went this year. I’m not sure I’ll be able to make it back next year, but it’s a wonderful adventure to have experienced with so many incredible people. (Click here to see the crazy amount of yarn I bought if you missed that post.)

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  1. It was great to see you too! I’ve really enjoyed your Rhinebeck recap posts. I wish zi had tried those doughnuts and macaroni and cheese. They look so good. Well, hopefully next year!

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