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WIP Wednesday

The facts are these.

Rosemary Cardigan
I’m down to one project right now, the sleeves of my Rosemary Cardigan. I finished my Strathcona Monday evening, so all I’m working on now is the second sleeve of the Rosemary Cardigan.

I forgot to take a picture of the sleeve this morning, so… Just imagine it. It’s a sleeve. You’ve probably seen one or two in your time.

I tried to join the sleeve to the body as I was knitting the cap, but I just didn’t like the way it was looking. I’ll seam the sleeve into the shoulder—I like seaming sleeves and shoulders anyway, because I’m a big weirdo—but I worked the sleeve cap in short-rows as though I actually followed the pattern.

Sleeves are good carry-with-you projects, so I don’t feel a need to immediately cast on for another project, which is good, because come Friday, I can cast on for NaKniSweMo and my Hiro pullover. And then this cardigan will go on hiatus again.

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