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Month in Review: October 2013

Happy Halloween! October’s been a really busy and fun month for me and I am so excited for November. Check back in a couple of days for November’s Super Six to see why.

First up, I have to talk about the amazing time I had at Rhinebeck again. I realized after I wrote that post that this was one instance where, after having heard people talk about how great it is, the hype lived up to the reality, and the only reason it did so is because of the wonderful people who were there. Not just my friends, but every vendor I talked to, every other attendee who stopped me or someone else to say how much they liked a person’s cardigan… small moments that made it a magical weekend. Knitters are, in general, such good people, and everyone who went to Rhinebeck, whether I talked to you or not, confirmed that.

In terms of projects, I technically have three finished objects for this month, but only one blog post is live so far—Long Sands.

Here’s a little sneak peek at my Glacerie Shawl…

And I’ll be posting about my Strathcona scarf soon as well!

October, you were pretty excellent.

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