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Confession Time

I know I alluded to this earlier, but I fell off the no-buying-yarn bandwagon. And I landed in a cushy pile of squishy goodness!

That right there is a giant pile—about eight pounds—of Berroco yarn. You see, when the projects from Norah Gaughan vol 15 were being added to Ravelry, I nearly had a heart attack. I love everything in this collection. I won’t knit everything—I wouldn’t wear everything—but it’s got an aesthetic that I love and find inspirational. And I knew that I would knit a good number, so I bought the booklet from WEBS.

And then I bought the yarn to knit Sislana and Kernmantle.

Sislana calls for Berroco Elements, which I’ve seen knit up but haven’t worked with myself. I may have started swatching for Sislana last night, and I may have spent a good amount of time deconstructing a small piece of Elements, because it’s kind of a cool yarn—more on that later. This color is called Krypton.

Kernmantle is knit in Ultra Alpaca, which I love (my Larch and Oh Deer! mittens are knit in Ultra Alpaca Light). This color is called Oceanic Mix, and I am having serious déja vu because I could have sworn I had this color in my stash before. Maybe I just spent a lot of time staring longingly at it. (Also, it’s really similar to the color I used for the body of my Hiro, but that’s Cascade, and apparently my blue-streak is continuing.)

This bunch of yarn right here is Ultra Alpaca Light, which is destined to become Alexis Winslow’s Brewster Pullover. Yes, I was exceptionally lazy and just photographed all like yarns together.

And then this giant pile of Vintage? We’re not going to talk about it too much. It’s all destined to become gifts and I don’t want to give away any surprises.

I’m not going to mention that I’m missing three skeins of Vintage from my order (part of one of the gifts) and also four skeins of Modern Cotton to knit Admit. They’re backordered. It’s not like I have nothing else to work on.

Also, if you caught my Wordless WIP Wednesday post yesterday, you saw my in-progress Itineris. I’ve been coveting this shawl pattern for a while now, and when I saw a sample knit up at my LYS over the weekend (I went there to pick up a skein of Vintage to have on hand for finishing my mom’s cardigan), I said “what the heck” and bought two skeins of Anzula Cloud, one black, one poppy, so I could make my own. Yes, it’s going to look like a bumblebee.

And I kind of sort of put in an order yesterday for some Vikings-inspired yarn from Your Mom Knits. Since I kind of sort of put her up to dyeing it in the first place, and it’s beautiful. But I have projects in mind for that when she has a chance to dye up that order.

Sooooo yeah. Between this and the yarn I got at Rhinebeck last year, I’m pretty much set for at least two years. That’s not considering the stash I had before. Some days I think about just getting rid of large quantities of stash that I haven’t knit in years, but some of those yarns are hard to come by or one of a kind and I feel bad parting with it. It’s not the yarns fault I’m so impulsive!

You know you have a problem when you project feelings of abandonment onto yarn.

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