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There’s a lot of awesome knitting-related news happening around the internets so I’m going to try to round up some of my favorite things during the week and share them here on Mondays. Be sure to let me know if you spot something newsworthy!

Emily over at Berroco yarns wrote a cool blog post about dyeing with red onion skins. As a person who hates onions (so gross!), this is probably one of the best uses for onions. I know there’s been a lot of talk of natural dyeing but what I really like about Emily’s post is that she uses different bases of yarn, so you can really see how yarn fiber takes dye differently.

I am in love with nearly everything coming out of the upcoming Rowan Magazine 56. There’s a tunic-length pullover in there that uses twelve colors of Felted Tweed and I need it. Right now. Even if it is 90° outside. (I may have been playing with color combinations on the WEBS shop but am trying to make myself knit Venezia before I tackle any other crazy colorwork projects.)

Speaking of colorwork, Jared Flood wrote up a two part series on Color Theory in Icelandic Yoke Sweaters. Part one tackles hue and value, and part two covers contrast. ‘Fess up: how many of you have used the monochrome or black and white feature of your phone’s camera to help choose colors? I just did that the other day when picking colors for my Itineris.

Karen from Fringe Association asked readers “How do you store your knitting patterns?” The easiest answer for me is “haphazardly.” All hail the Ravelry digital library!

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