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Hello again! Time for another Last Week On the Web. Let me know which stories you find interesting, and if you’ve come across any cool yarny news!

Knits in the News
The Tour de France (perhaps better known as that thing people watch during Tour de Fleece) is still going on, and knitters in the UK helped to celebrate that stage of the tour. Now people are wanting to purchase knitted commemorative bunting. How cool is that?

If I never see another pattern for a Katniss cowl, I will die a happy woman (sorry, but 10+ patterns and counting is a bit excessive). Vulture rounded up some great moments in dystopian knitwear, including some I hadn’t really thought about (and including the Katniss cowl). What’s your favorite from this list?

Photo from Vulture website. What is up with that shoulder seam?!

Yarny book publisher Cooperative Press is a nominee in the Martha Stewart American Made competition. I don’t know what that means, exactly, but it’s pretty cool.

Buzzfeed had some fun crafting hacks for managing yarns. Have you used any of these hacks, or do you have your own?

Sadly, last week brought around news of two yarn dyers closing up shop. The first is Cephalopod Yarns; Creatively Dyed also announced to their email list that the shop is closing at the end of July. Best of luck to all the creative talent at those companies in their future endeavors!

Finally, to celebrate the launch of their new website, Luna Grey yarns is hosting a giveaway. Enter here to be eligible to win a kit featuring their yarn and one of a handful of patterns.

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