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Last week on the web

Busy week last week! Let’s jump into it.

Knits in the News
Librarian and knitted-gift recipient Elizabeth Bird posts an amusing round up of knitting illustrations and discusses “when knitting illustrations go wrong.” Personally, as a knitter who finds straights to be difficult on the wrists, it all looks wrong to my circular needle–loving brain, but it’s kind of fun to see knitting represented in various forms of media (even if it’s technically incorrect).

Not really “knits,” but OMG A SHEEP-GOAT HYBRID.

Sweet Georgia Yarns shared part two of a sock-pattern round up, with some great ideas if you’re looking for socks to knit while it’s still hot out.

Kelbourne Woolens, distributors of the Fibre Company yarns, introduced a new yarn called Knightsbridge along with fifteen new patterns to promote the yarn. The yarn sounds scrumptious and I’m eyeing Harvey something fierce.

Stitches Midwest is this upcoming weekend in Chicago, and if you’re planning to go, be sure to print off a couple of coupons for reduced entry fees! This one comes from the Fresh from the Cauldron Facebook page—if you’re going, say hi to Jen (Fresh from the Cauldron dyer extraordinaire) and Shannon (of Second Avenue Swag)!

If you, like me, can’t stop knitting sweaters, Very Shannon is hosting a summer sweater knit a long with prizes of some sort and everything! Now I’m just trying to decide which to cast on first (after I finish a couple of other things which shouldn’t take me long). I’m looking at Stoney Brook, Pippin, Fortune Bay, Daqin, Kernmantle, or Brewster. Help me decide! Which sweater should I choose to knit for this Knitalong? Leave a comment below! Answer the poll in the Ravelry group!

…man, if I make even half of those, I will be well-stocked for winter.

And in other KAL news, Rachel at Unraveled Designs is hosting an Outlander KAL in celebration of the long-anticipated release of the TV series/books (did you catch the first episode on So GOOD. I’m trying to convince people to subscribe to Starz for a couple of months so I can watch it.). The KAL is based around two limited edition Lorna’s Laces colorways, available at Jimmy Beans Wool, though she stresses that you can knit it with any two contrasting colors. Being a sucker for Lorna’s LE colorways, I totally jumped on that bandwagon and that yarn should be here today, with plenty of time to wind it before the first clue is released on Saturday, August 9.

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  1. Every time you post a bunch of pattern links, I always end up queuing something. This time it’s Pippin, though I remain unconvinced about the pocketses. So my vote goes to Pippin!

    1. One vote for Pippin!

      What are you not convinced about re: pockets? I’d need to look at the pattern again but I’m pretty sure they could be left off easily. Oh yeah, from the pattern page: “The pockets are seamed to the sweater after finishing and are therefore easy to leave off if you desire.”

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