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FO: NY Rangers Knitted Hat

This is going to be a drive-by finished object posting, mostly because I don’t have any great photos—I was trying to get this in the mail before I left for vacation—but I finished one of my gift-knitting projects earlier this month!

With apologies to any Flyers fans out there (I am not ingrained in hockey enough to have strong feelings either way), I worked up this NY Rangers knitted hat (beanie-esque satchel is more like it) for my friend Alli. I used Cascade 220 in the closest colors I could find (the blue is a bit off but I couldn’t find a closer blue amongst the offerings at my LYS). I attempted to write up a recipe, and it’s on the Ravelry project page, but… if you try to use it, take it as general guidelines and not actual rules.

I wish that I’d knit this in a slightly lighter yarn. I think the gauge is good for this yarn and this project, but the size of the chart (which I found on this Tricksy Knitter page) meant the hat was much longer than I was anticipating. I could have cast on only 100 stitches, I think, and maybe started working decreases earlier, but let this be a lesson in counting chart rows and matching them to gauge. Still, I’m happy with this hat, and I know Alli is, too!

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