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Happy Monday! I spent part of my weekend starting to organize my craft room—a task that ended up taking much longer than I thought it would! But I have a better idea of what yarn I have where (and there’s a tiny destash if you want to help out with my self-inflicted attempts to downsize). And I also came up with another new repeating feature I’m hoping to start up on Thursday—we’ll see what happens!

Knits in the News
Lion Brand blogged about 31 ways playing with yarn makes you smarter. I may be paraphrasing but I’m pretty sure it’s something like that.

Kate Atherley over at Knitty shared these photos of Roger Moore as a knitwear model. (Roger Moore is a British film actor, probably best known for his portrayals of James Bond in the late 70s and early 80s.) (That side note for you young whippersnappers out there.)

As part of the Summer Sweater Knit-a-Long, host Shannon posted a provisional cast-on tutorial written up by Hilary Smith Callis. It’s a great step-by-step intro to working a provisional cast-on!

Swatches, man. Swatches are so important to having a finished project that fits but then they go and lie. Stitch Sprouts blogged about the best ways to get your swatches to tell the truth.

Cables get you down? Barbara wrote up this extremely helpful post on cable abbreviations and what they actually mean. A must-read for anyone looking to dive into the world of squishy, beautiful cables.

KnitPicks released their Heartwood collection and it is gorgeous.

I loved this write up of crafter Esther Hall.

Kaffe Fasset: 50 Years in Color is a gorgeous video that corresponds with a gallery exhibition at the Aberdeen Art Gallery.

These are amazing banana peel shoes—the crochet is worked on to the shoe and they’re totally functional! Be sure to check out the watermelon booties, too.

You just have to watch this.

Don’t forget about the Stoney Brook Top KAL! We’re kicking off next Wednesday, so you’ve got plenty of time to gather up your yarn!

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