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Throwback Thursday in Knits: Reynolds Lopi, Number Unknown

I’ve got another edition of Throwback Thursday in Knits! This week’s post is brought to you by Reynolds Lopi Yarn (by which I mean, that’s the source of the photos—this post is not in any way sponsored, nor is any copyright infringement intended).

Unfortunately this pamphlet has seen some better days—the pages are a bit wrinkly and worn but I like to think that’s out of love and excitement and, dare I say it, knitting use.

All of these patterns were knit from Reynolds Lopi line. I think Reynolds is out of business these days. Their website address links to a home renovation company and I can’t find any more information on them, but if you want more information on the Reynolds Lopi in particular, there’s this Knitter’s Review write up from 2001, and of course Wikipedia wants to tell you all about lopi yarn in general.

I’ve only knit with lopi yarn once, for my Iðunn from Knitty. The Ravelry page for Reynolds Lopi says it’s now being sold under the Alafoss Lopi line by Istex, which is the heavier version of the yarn I used for Iðunn (I used Lett-Lopi). I thoroughly enjoyed knitting it, which is kind of surprising because I strongly dislike knitting with singles yarns, but there’s something about the lopi that I do enjoy knitting. It’s not for the faint of heart though—it’s definitely not next-to-the-skin soft, but creates a fantastic, light outer layer.

Why am I giving you all this yarn-y backstory? Because I would totally knit many of these.
…or at least use them for inspiration.

Sweater on the right? I’d knit that.

I would totally knit both of these.

I even love this poncho and I don’t do ponchos, people.

Not only are there excellent patterns in here (well, excellent designs, I didn’t look closely at the patterns), but there’s “Special Secrets” to help you knit.

And an in-print humble brag about how they got to go to Iceland to photograph the designs.

This pamphlet is obviously out of print, but there’s a billion other versions for sale on Amazon. If you like the general look with a little less retro, there’s Knitting with Icelandic Yarn, Icelandic Knits, and Northern Knits—they’re all excellent books and if I was independently wealthy/had more time to knit, you’d see more Icelandic-inspired finished knits on this blog.

Have you knit with any Icelandic yarns? What did you think?

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  1. Do you have the book and want to sell it with the pattern for the Brown poncho…I had the book and have made 4 of the ponchos, but the book has mysteriously disappeared.

    1. Hi Gloria!

      Sorry to hear you can’t find your book; unfortunately I’m not selling mine at this time. If I change my mind, I’ll get in touch and see if you’re still looking for one!

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