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Happy first day of September!

Knits in the News
Aside from the asinine headline (up until the end of the 19th century, women AND men frequently learned to knit as a past-time/occupation), here’s an interesting look at the increasing numbers of men taking up the needles.

World’s woolliest sheep? This fuzzy guy was shorn this week and turns out he’s not quite the woolliest sheep (that record still belongs to Shrek the Sheep) but yowzas, that’s a lot of wool.

This is my new career plan—shepherding around a national park or heritage site.

The British Wool industry and Campaign for Wool have rolled out a website to educate students about British wool. I like the wool quiz especially!

The Loopy Ewe rolled out a project planner for both their yarn and fabric inventory. Genius!!

Ooooh new Fall colors from Sweet Georgia Yarn. I’ll take five of each thank you.

I love this video from John Arbon Textiles!

Some absolutely adorable patterns for little kids in this collection!

Support a new pattern collection edited by Allyson Dykhuizen and Carina Spencer in this Midwestern Knits Kickstarter!

Berroco breaks down the difference between “finished bust size” and “sized to fit” in pattern language in this excellent blog post. There’s also a quick poll in which they’re asking readers to weigh in on their current published sizes.

In the continuing trend of examining all kinds of short-rows, the Stitch Sprouts team takes a look at yarnover short-rows.

Bristol Ivy shares a way to hold stitches without distortin them in her Summer Sweater Knit-a-Long blog post on provisional bind-offs.

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