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Pinterest argh!

I have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest. I was just briefly cruising it before heading out and saw this incredibly adorable baby jacket*…



The caption under it said “Mini Boden Jacket, free pattern on Ravelry” but GUESS WHAT it’s not a pattern at all. Boden is a company that makes ready-to-wear clothes. This jacket was for sale (and not in my size, in five different colors). So I feel like someone, somewhere was really just trying to screw with me.

Yes I’m taking things personally.

No I haven’t had enough coffee today.

There are some incredibly cute and quite similar patterns on Ravelry, so consider this a garter-stitch-hooded-double-breasted-baby-sweater-mini-not-Friday-Finds.

Lili Comme Tout’s Linos Coat (free) is freaking adorable. One of the reasons I guessed and then went off on my rant about that original jacket is that the sleeves are set-in, probably a drop-shoulder. People seem to go out of their way to not have to seam baby things.

Debbie Bliss’s Duffle Coat is really similar to the Linos Coat, but it’s knit bottom up (Linos is side-to-side), it is seamed, and the hood is more pronounced/has to be rolled back so this child you spent nine months of your life making doesn’t trip and fall down a well due to blindness. (I’m really sorry to anyone who has or is in the process of making small children for that thought. Your child is different and would never fall down a well.)

Not a well in sight.

Elinor Brown’s Seed-Stitch Baby Jacket (free) is absolutely adorable, and super easy to make! I knit one for a friend a few years ago. It was modeled on a panda doll I have. The photo didn’t really do the finished sweater any justice, but I also didn’t steal someone’s child for the sake of modeling so it’s okay in the end.

How have you been led astray by Pinterest? Do we need to form a support group?

*Just to clarify, I’m not sneakily announcing anything, I’m just at that age where my friends are all having babies. And some of them are done having babies. And then there’s me.

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  1. Yes yes yes. There was a picture of an Ikea shoe cabinet I really really wanted. After spending time on the Ikea site and not finding it, I found another site that said the cabinet wasn’t Ikea, but some Japanese company and not available here. I still am pissed to have seen it and not be able to have it. Boo.

  2. I can’t stand it when there is something on Pinterest that looks like it could link to instructions — knitting pattern, recipe, DIY, whatever — and then you click it and it’s just a damn picture on Flickr. What the hell.

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