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Live Tweet Review: North by Kim Hargreaves

Time for another live tweet review! Dig out your Nirvana cassettes and Doc Martins and get ready for my completely impartial and highly logical review of Kim Hargreaves’s new pattern collection, North.

Seriously, what else am I supposed to think?

I’m tempted to count the number of photos in which that hat and shoes combination appears but I’m laaaaaaazy right now.

That dress with the ruffle edges makes me think of Wednesday Addams, and I actually mean that in a good way. Like, maybe her Halloween costume—a fancy homicidal maniac.

As I discussed in last week’s Throwback Thursday, I just can’t completely get on the knitted-dress train, but they are cute to look at!

SO MUCH WHITE SPACE. I have a real peeve against excessive white space. Sometimes it can really set off a great photo or well-laid out text but in a pattern? This is making me twitchy.

While there was no fanfiction born from this book (at least, none that I know of), it was determined that ginger men in kilts is the new standard for knitting books.

And we’ve already planned out the sequel.

Now for the boring stuff intended to keep me out of trouble: I purchased this copy of North and wrote a review of my own free will. The photography and text of the book does not belong to me. This is in no way sponsored content of any sort.

But hey, while we’re talking about it, if you have a suggestion for a future Live Tweet Review, let me know! Also, this space is available for blog tours of new releases—shoot me an email or talk to me on Twitter (crazy, I know).

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