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It’s time to travel back in time to last week! Who needs a TARDIS when there’s Last Week on the Web?

Knits in the News
Estes Park Wool Market has Llama Leaping and Llama Limbo… I think they need to get some llama races going.

This mostly applies to folks who are selling goods (either patterns on Ravelry or projects on Etsy or something like that), but I am a giant nerd and think predictive models are fascinating, so I’m sharing this article from Etsy on how to forecast holiday sales.

Woolly Wormhead broke down the true cost of developing a knitting pattern. It’s a must read for anyone who has waffled about the price of a pattern. I’m not saying we should all eschew free patterns—quite the contrary—but if you really like a pattern and you really want to knit that project, please strongly consider buying it instead of looking for something like it that is free. (Budgetary concerns not withstanding.)

Even the Wall Street Journal knows realizes that big sweaters are a thing! They’ve probably also figured out that pumpkin spice everything is pretty popular.

I haven’t listened to these yet but there’s a series of BBC Radio clips related to knitting! Have you listened? What did you think?

Not only is this visit to a wool and weaving factory cool in itself, the colors of the machinery and yarn are absolutely inspiring.

OOOOMMMMGGGGG you guys this Imperial Yarn/Anna Cohen collection is to die for!

Alex Tinsley is hosting a KAL for her Sweet Tooth Mystery eBook!

Quince and Co is looking for scarf designs!

Uhm, how stupidly cute is this knitting-themed party?

Great post on colorwork and beginner color theory here!

Which dovetails nicely into this article from Twist on color dominance in colorwork knitting.

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