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My Favorite Fall Sweater

Andi over at Untangling Knots asked the impossible: show off your favorite fall sweater. The request itself is not so bad. There’s nothing harmful in asking people to show off their favorite sweater that they’ve knit themselves.


Asking a knitter to choose their favorite anything is a tough task. (Andi did mention in an Instagram discussion that I could make a list if I wanted.) But then, when I got home and looked at my sweaters (all sweaters are fall sweaters in my world), the answer was obvious.

Good old Larch. Yes, this discovery necessitated a late evening photo shoot as I was losing the sun. Good times.

I love this cardigan so much. And I’m not really a cardigan wearer—I find I gravitate more to my pullovers when reaching into the handknits pile. But there’s something about it…

Maybe it’s the yarn? I think this is the first sweater I made where I didn’t substitute the yarn. Berroco’s Ultra Alpaca Light is the perfect weight to wear any time, and I just love this deeply saturated color.

Maybe it’s the deep shawl-collar, perfect for snuggling into? I remember having a twitter discussion with Amy Christoffers about twisted ribbing and yes, I still love it. It’s so squishy! And the perfect edging for this cardigan.

I don’t know exactly what it is, but this is my favorite thing to wear that I’ve made. Now if only the weather would cooperate so I could wear it more!

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