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Month in Review: September 2014

Adios, September! You were a crazy month of busy-ness and terrible weather (…okay the weather was pretty nice in general but not for September—so many sweaters, so few days of appropriate temperatures) and I will not be sorry to see you go. Especially since tomorrow is October and October means RHINEBECK. Bring it.

At least I did finish a thing this month—my Iron Maiden came off the needles, which was really helpful, because I needed those needles for another project. One day I will either miraculously become a monogamous knitter or I will own an adequate number of size 6 needles.

I made progress on a few other projects but I also got mired down in secret projects so that’s all I have to show for knitting productivity.

I did, however, write up a two part post on knitting your first sweater. Part one talked about choosing the pattern, which is a pretty crucial step, and part two dived into yarn selection and choosing a size. I hope people found them to be helpful posts, and I’d love to see your first sweaters (or any sweater, really—I love seeing people complete projects!).

I wrote about my favorite fall sweater (and see Andi’s round-up on her blog). And I reviewed Kim Hargreaves’s North pattern collection in another live tweet review. Pinterest felt my wrath (or whatever) when I complained ever so eloquently about misleading text and bad links on the site.

And I still haven’t started my Stoney Brook but I have so much time. (Or so I keep telling myself.)

Goal re-cap
Goal 1: No buying yarn Win! I did not buy any yarn this month.
Goal 1b: Knit the queue I only started one new project and it’s for a swap, so while I didn’t knit the queue…

Goal 2: Selfless Knitting …I kept plugging away at selfless knitting with two of the projects I worked on as I had time this month.

Goal 3: Finished WIPs Finished my Iron Maiden! Made good progress on Daqin. Everything else pretty much languished.

How was your September? And what are you looking forward to in October?

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  1. The Iron Maiden is beautiful, Amy! I may need to queue that one for my aunt’s wedding next year, as I think she’ll love the look of lace without too many frills.

    My September:
    1) I bought…a lot…of yarn. As in, I had to add a bin to my crafting armoire.
    2) I rediscovered my love of beading, especially quick projects, when I was working up stitch markers. I even came up with a fun stitch marker/row counter using chain, which I promptly lost after
    3) I finished my first pair of socks at 12:30 last night. It was 30 minutes after the KAL cutoff, but they’re done, and I’m never taking them off.

    In a side note, I made my Dad a hunting toque for father’s day, in the “Glow” pattern with a fall foliage color as the MC and a day-glo orange as the CC. It was my first colorwork, and when he went on his moose hunt this month, he had no luck until the day he wore that hat. 10 minutes after putting it on, he had a 1000lb moose with a 40″ rack at his feet. I think there’s a knitting convert there.

    For October, my goals are:
    1) Cast on Stoney Brook
    2) Finish my husband’s (Christmas/Fr’s Day) second sock
    3) Finish his birthday scarf (Sept. 9)
    4) Finish an “Into the Magic Forest Blanket” (by Melanie Berg) for a friend
    5) Mittens for both my girls
    6) Start and finish Hazel Tindell’s “Shwook”

    That’s reasonable, right? Oh, and start another pair of socks for me. I’m thinking vanilla.

  2. This is the best blog post that led me down the rabbit hole of looking at all your other posts. Thank you, thank you, for your awesome blog.

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