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The Wool Ride happened over the weekend in London—check out these photos, including the sheep hats!

Wool Week landed in Canada, specifically Toronto. Did anyone in that fair city notice any especially woolly events?

Buzzfeed suggests that the knitwear on Outlander may be the best part of the show. I am woefully behind—made it through episode 3 I think—but even still, I’m questioning this ranking. Certainly in the top five things of the show, but have you seen Jamie? Just saying.

I can’t wait to see what comes of this—Nudiknits is a British YouTube program that’s entirely knitted. Even better, the inhabitants of this fictional town are all nudists. That’s right—naked knitted people. The video is cuter than I made it sound.

WHY are rainbow sheep not a real thing? And is this a new trend in dyed in the wool? Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Allyson’s hosting a Sweatshop of Love Knitalong—are you participating?

I am in love with this preview video of Gudrun Johnston’s Shetland Trader vol 2. My copy arrived on Friday—hopefully soon there will be a Live Tweet review which will mostly consist of virtual drooling and heavy sighs of “why don’t I live there?” and “why is this sweater not already in my closet?”

The Shetland Trader Book Two from Kathy Cadigan on Vimeo.

If you, like me, are itching to learn brioche knitting, Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark has rounded up some of her favorite brioche knitting resources. There’s quite a few projects from her book that I want to tackle. So many knits, so little time.

And finally, a little fun, thanks to Julia Farwell-Clay.

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