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FO: Nostalgia Shawl

Yes I realize it’s Thursday and you may be expecting a Throwback Thursday in Knits post, but a) I’m an idiot who pulled out magazines to photograph and then forgot to photograph them and b) I finished a thing and this is my first opportunity to show it off!

This is the Nostalgia Shawl by Elena Nodel. This was really fun to knit, but it just got really long and with work stresses and the stress of trying to finish this in time (it was for a swap, I suspect my swap partner will be receiving it today), it became kind of tedious.

But overall I’m really happy with the way it turned out! I totally mixed yarns on this—the darker color is Creatively Dyed Beaches, and the lighter color is Gherkin’s Bucket Spring Step Sock. The Creatively Dyed yarn bled quite a bit, so the grey yarn has a pinkish hue to it, but I’m a weirdo and I kind of like that. The pattern was easy to knit, though I think if I ever knit this again, I’m going to do yarnovers instead of make-ones at the edges—they’re just not stretchy enough, which made blocking a bit of a pain and the final fabric kind of puckers just a little bit.

I really hope my swap partner likes it!

(Also for anyone wondering where Wordless WIP Wednesday was, I’ve been snowed under with work and trying to get this shawl finished that I didn’t have anything to show—but it will be back next week!)

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