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I suspect that since the weather’s turning in the Northern Hemisphere, everyone’s busy knitting and there’s not quite as much knitting-related news. That or I’m just not finding it! If you see something you think should be included in this round up, let me know!

Knits in the News
Here’s a wrap-up about Vogue Knitting Live from Buzzfeed, subtitled “what would happen if yarn crafters ran the world.” I think it’s pretty accurate.

An Australian wool company has created a machine to tell us how comfortable wool is. While I think it’s interesting, and the inventor’s statement that “we haven’t moved past the idea that all wool is itchy” is very true (OMG the conversations I have to have with my mom when I want to knit her something) I don’t know that a machine is needed—maybe just more education in general? What are your thoughts?

Way to go Lily DeBell! This 8th grader won a $25,000 prize for her knitted legwarmer business.

This interview with Mr. Mittens showcases excellent bulky yarn projects.

Pompom Mag is giving away a copy of Gudrun Johnston’s Sheltand Trader 2. It’s a beautiful book!

The Last Knit, an animated video.

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