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Knits in the News
A brother and sister team in Northern Ireland is changing the way Irish linen is worked and bringing modern sensibilities to a classic fabric line.
Here’s an interesting read on a British woman bringing direct-to-consumer fashion to the forefront.

Have you heard of Crabapple Yarns? Heather Zoppetti did an interview with Amanda, the creative mind behind the colors.

Teresa loves her some big yarn. Have you jumped on the bulky bandwagon?

Anna at Tolt worked with local sheep ranchers to create a brand of yarn she’ll be debuting at Tolt’s anniversary shindig this weekend.

The Holla Knits Accessories collection for 2015 is live and Allyson is doing a giveaway to celebrate! There are some great patterns in this collection, so be sure to check it out.

I absolutely adore this snowman family from WEBS because I’m a dork for all things winter-related.

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