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FO: Deadpool-inspired Knit Hat

This hat is a happy accident.

It originally started as a hat for someone else, but as I started working on it, I decided I had to have it. It was going to be a sports team–inspired hat, but for various reasons, as I was knitting the ribbing, I kept altering the plan.

I totally winged the colorwork design. The decreases were a happy miracle of things working out just perfectly. And having just finished reading Deadpool Killustrated around the time I finished this hat while also having just stumbled across this super awesome pompom tutorial (yes, that is a thing I just said, but it’s not a basic boring pompom), I decided that this hat would get an extra special twist.

DEADPOOL POMPOM. It’s not the best pompom in the world—admittedly I kind of hated the idea of pompoms for the longest time, so I don’t have much practice—but I’m so stupid excited about it. And I have plans to make some other comic book character designs.

There’s no pattern—like I said, I totally winged this as I was going. If you’d like a pattern, let me know, though I make no guarantees that it will happen. I’d have to do a lot of counting and stuff and probably pay someone to tech edit it because I didn’t even think to write down notes (though I did draft up the chart… or at least part of the chart, I need to go back and check the decreases).

Have you knit a happy accident—something that started life as one project but ended up as something even better?

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  1. I would never call that hat an accident – I would be walking up to total strangers and saying “See my hat? It’s an original; I designed it myself!” It’s totally awesome and a pattern I would buy in a heartbeat.

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