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Today is Cyber Monday and there are still some great deals to be had on digital patterns and other knitting-related items. Be sure to check out Marly Bird’s round up for a quick peek at what’s happening online.

Knits in the News
Craft Council interviewed Jamie and Amber from Fancy Tiger Crafts, a local-ish yarn store for me (they’re about an hour and a half away in Denver). Read more about these amazing entrepreneurs and crafters!

7up has realized that yarnbombing is cool and enlisted Magda Sayeg, an “urban knitter” (wtf does that even mean) in their new commercial shot in Chile.

If you’ve lurked anywhere around the internet lately you may have heard of VAT, MOSS, and the clusterf*ck that is the EU’s new tax program, effective January 1, 2015. Kate Atherley broke down what this means for knitters on the KnittyBlog, and for those of you living in EU member states, and Ravelry are pairing up to ensure buying digital patterns doesn’t become a giant nightmare. Think this doesn’t affect you if you live outside the EU? There’s a great chance we’ll lose a lot of independent designers due to unfair tax burdens placed on micro-businesses, plus this could just be a testing phase before similar programs are rolled out in other countries. There’s a stop gap solution in place for now, but everyone who has ever purchased a digital good needs to understand at least the basics of what’s happening.

This is an awesome story about an 85 year old man who loom knits hats to give to veterans. Denver and Boulder residents, he’ll be selling beanies at this year’s ManCraft event (…this is the first I’ve ever heard of it) with all proceeds going to charity.

Photo from The Denver Post

NPR did a story on Shetland knitters.

Kate of Kelbourne Woolens wrote up a great piece on mattress stitch, my favorite method of seaming. Yes. I have a favorite method of seaming.

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