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Month in Review: November 2014

I’m having so much trouble with the fact that it’s December already. November was kind of a whirlwind with my trip to Ireland and general busy-ness, but seriously, December!

While November flew by and all, it was also a pretty productive month.

I finished knitting a baby blanket for a friend.

I finally finished my Daqin sweater and have worn it so many times since then.


And I totally pulled my new favorite hat out of thin air.

I have high hopes that I can churn out a few more things in December, including finishing my Stoney Brook top!

Goal re-cap
Goal 1: No buying yarn
I bought one skein of yarn this past weekend at my LYS because I have another idea for a hat and used up a lot of my red yarn making my Deadpool hat. Otherwise I didn’t even buy souvenir yarn!
Goal 1b: Knit the queue Most things were in progress or just pulled from my brain so fail there.
Goal 2: Selfless Knitting Baby blanket!
Goal 3: Finished WIPs YES.

How did November treat you?

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